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Laaaaaazer Tag!

A GRIP of us played LazerTag tonight, well - last night, technically - at UltraZone - Matt, Sarah, Me, Krystal, David, Sally, Adam, Miller, Bianca, Justine, Greg, and Justines brother, who's name I caught, but can't remember.

I had a lot of fun, but I always do when I head down there, but the best part is that everyone (save Justine and Sally) had a really good time too. Not that that's surprising, I expected them both to play one game and then be over it.

All in all - it was a good time out w/ friends and some family, and it was great to see Danny again. There aren't many people I miss from my days at UltraZone - but somehow - even just stopping in to see Danny makes me smile.

I'm way out of shape... I definatly need to do something.
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