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1AM - Get annoying windows file protection popup telling me to insert win 2k cd to replace protected files that have been modified. move popup to corner of screen to deal with later when I have my 2k cd.

5AM - Go to sleep. Prepare computer for sleep mode as always, ctrl+alt+del to lock, turn off monitor.

12PM - Wake up, turn on monitor and shake mouse to wake computer from sleep mode. Nothing. Press keys. Nothing. Restart. Nothing. Give up and clean car.

4PM - Kick computer, restart, nothing. Give up and clean room.

10PM - Boot into safe mode, run Trendmicro's Housecall, and their sysclean package. Removes 500 or so instances of PE_PARITE.A. Restart. Nothing.

Restart into safe mode again, run SpyBot Search & Destroy. Nothing. Reboot into VGA mode. Works. Change resolution from 1600x1200 to 1280x1024. Restart. Bingo.

Change resolution back to 1600x1200 Sit for 15 seconds while windows realizes it can't use the display setting I've been using for over a year.

Reboot into safe mode. Uninstall video drivers. Reboot into safe mode. Install video drivers. Reboot. Set resolution to 1600x1200, nothing.

Put in windows2000 CD. Restart. Run recovery options. Restart. Set resolution to 1600x1200. Nothing.

Restart. Install dual boot copy of 2k. Install motherboard drivers. Restart. Install video drivers. Restart. change resolution to 1600x1200. Nothing.

Turn off computer. Make sure RAM is in fact Kingston Ram. It is. Reseat RAM. Boot. Res change. Nothing. Turn off. Reseat ram in slot 2. Start. Res change. Nothing.
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