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So, we called UGG yesterday morning to see what was up w/ our remaining orders, because we had been told they were closed - which generally means shipped.

Well, they hadn't been shipped, they had been canceled.

So we called our rep, pissed, but he had found out before us, and he was even more pissed, cause he KNEW we woudl have taken it out of his hide if they seriously fucked us like that.

So he says he's working on it, and gets us in touch with someone WAY up in the company - the president teh credit manager - they were all involved.

Anyway, they called us up and said give us a list of everything you've presold, and we'll see what we can do. We gave them a list of 895 pair that we needed.

Three hours later, they called back and said, we have good news, and bad news.

The bad news is, the 4 pair of Classic Short Ruby Boots in size 5 aren't going to be available.

Meaning, we have 891 Pairs of boots coming in, and we're not fucked for the rest of the year.

YAY deckers for fucking up and having to crawl all over themselves to keep us from being fucked.
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