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One of those "political" entries...

So I was browsing Drew Curtis' Fark.com and came across this article about prostitution. After reading it, I kind of entered into massive thought mode, and started pondering the following...

First, when I say prostitution, I mean consensual sex between an adult jane? and john, not any kind of forced sex, or sex resulting from personal threats, or prostitution by a minor (under 18 years of age)

Why is prostitution in it's purest form illegal? If a man or woman wants to sell his or her body, how is it civilly acceptable for you or I to tell them that they can't?

Is the risk of spreading STD's more inherent for a prostitute than it is for you or I? Does sheer number of partners necessarily preclude one's ability to stay STD free?

If someone is prostituting themselves, even as a last resort to pay the bills, does that make it non-consensual sex? Even under those circumstances, the act of taking money from someone indicates consent to have sex.

How is prostitution different from the porn industry. Are not both male and female actors paid to have sex on camera? Is the camera the only aspect that turns being compensated monetarily for sex from prostitution into pornography?

Finally, how is the act of taking someone out to dinner with the hopes of getting laid not prostitution? If the direct result of the money spent on dinner is the buying party getting laid, I don't see how it differs all that much.

If you've read this far, please comment :)
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